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Huge Male Secret That is, one picks up light weights, doing more repetitions and getting a number of seconds performing the movement to raise the heartbeat. Each weightlifting sequence is followed by a rest. You can focus on one exercise at a time or mix several. But it is also worth mentioning that there is another common way to mix training with bodybuilding, which is to do super sets with rest. For example, if a person is going to work out chest and back on a day of weight training, he does repetitions on the same heavy weight bench press and then goes to the flying machine and does more repetitions until muscle failure up to the limit of force. This will give you a minute of intense exercise. Then it should come a minute to a minute and a half of rest and then re-combine the two exercises. After doing sets like this, you can do the same thing with the front pull and the row, two back exercises. This workout can be from and is very intense. It is advisable to carefully start such a workout. To combine the two modalities, you need to be careful and follow some steps. We will now see these steps: Since the intervals between training exercises are very short, there is no time to keep changing equipment all the time. Therefore, the first tip is to choose only one device (bars, dumbbells or kettlebells) to be used throughout the training session. The idea is to train with a weight that challenges you, but nothing to the point of preventing the training to be completed or that makes your body need to get out of shape and position to perform the movement, which puts you in risk of injury. HIIT training and bodybuilding require many repetitions. Therefore, especially for those just starting out, it is best to use light weights. For a woman who has not exercised for some time, it is recommended to train with weights of approximately Already those that are already reasonably fit, the weight of about 2 kg can now be used. In turn, men can usually train with higher weights. As strength and fitness improve, weights can increase as well. and bodybuilding can be used to work a single muscle group, such as the chest, for example, to reach more than one muscle group such as the triceps and biceps or upper back and shoulders, or even even in a full body workout. However, it is clear that different exercises will be required to work different regions of the body. And the more muscle groups you want to reach, the longer your training will last.